• Baby Carrier with Hip Seat
  • Baby Carrier with Hip Seat
  • Baby Carrier with Hip Seat
  • Baby Carrier with Hip Seat
  • Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

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Promotes Bonding between Parents and kids
Lightweight, eases back pain in parents

Support your baby's natural weight- including your back and waist

There’s no question that carrying your kid can cause your body pain. The added weight with or without a carrier can put pressure on your upper body and add stress to your arms, shoulders, neck, and back.

With built-in lumbar support and ergonomic design, our baby carrier sits high and tight above your hips to evenly distributes your baby’s weight—so you can carry your little one longer and more comfortably.

✔️ Keep your baby close, even on long outings.

✔️ Support your back, neck, and shoulders day in and day out 

✔️ Helps your baby learn and promotes physical and emotional development.

✔️ Babies worn in carriers cry less and bond more.

✔️ Fits newborns to 36 months, and up to 45lbs.

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your bonding comforter for any reason, contact us at hello@brashmi.com within 30 days of delivery and we will offer you a full refund!

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You will also receive a tracking number to monitor your order at all times!

How does it work?

Put on the comforter and then place the toddler in between yourself and the comforter. Go down to the toddler's knees. As long as the fabric is down by knees, and legs are in the "M" position, they won't slip. Save your back and arms!

Why do I need it?
  • Promoting bonding and attachment between parent and baby
  • Providing hands-free convenience and comfort for both parent and baby
  • Easy-to-use design with no complicated straps or buckles
  • Lightweight and compact for on-the-go use
  • Back support by distributing weight evenly across the parent's back and shoulders

Parents are loving their bonding wraps...

  • ★★★★★
    These wraps are life savers with little ones for busy on the go moms! I am busy mom of 4 and this thing comes in so handy with baby and he loves it!!! I get so many compliments on it every time I’m out with baby. Very soft and breathable cotton. Great value!!! Works just as well as the more expensive name brands… save some money and get the same quality and usage.
    Maya, H
  • ★★★★★
    I absolutely adore this carrier. It is a snug yet stretchy fit. I have a lot of carriers but this is the one I find myself constantly grabbing. I've been able to cook dinner for guests with a 5 week old and get so much more done around the house with a cranky baby that just needs momma. Thank you for making a great carrier
    Jacques, S
  • ★★★★★
    I love mine!! Used it today for the first time on our walk and this was soo easy to use! Didn't need any help getting her into it or getting her out which is perfect when I'm home alone and need to do stuff but still comfort her at the same time🧡
    Kearra, R

Promotes bonding between parent and infants

The Mama's Bonding Comforter provides versatile support that mimics the comfort of the womb, fostering an ideal environment for bonding and comfort. If your child is experiencing a meltdown, take this as a chance to reconnect and cuddle up using our bonding comforter. This will aid in emotional regulation and provide a sense of security. Our bonding comforter can’t wait to hug you!

Provides Maximum comfort for your baby

As a busy parent, the last thing you need is to deal with cumbersome straps, buckles, ties, velcro, rings, and other fasteners. That's why we designed the Mama's Bonding Comforter to be incredibly user-friendly for both moms and dads! Made with natural fabrics, it provides the perfect balance of support and stretch, creating a comfortable, womb-like environment for your baby.

As seen in...

  • Love this baby wrap! With being a first time mom and having a boy who still wanted to be close to me the first month of his life this was doable thanks to this product. I recommend getting two honestly so you will always have a clean one when washing the other one!
  • I’m so glad I bought this carrier! It’s simple once you figure out how to wrap it. It’s super comfortable, and my husband can use it too. I love that this is budget friendly and excellent quality.
  • The Mother's Bonding wrap is a game-changer for new parents. It's easy to use, comfortable, and versatile enough to adapt to any situation. We love how it keeps baby close to you, providing both bonding time and a hands-free carrying option. This wrap is a must-have for any new mom or dad.

Free your Hands and Save your Back

The Mama's Bonding Comforter lets you multitask while keeping your child close and secure, giving you peace of mind. By evenly distributing the weight of your baby across your shoulder, back, and hip, it can also help prevent back pain. With this comforter, you can bring your child along wherever you go, whether you're doing chores, reading a book, or even shopping at the mall.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Ryan Perry

First of all, I bought this carrier based on another moms review where she stated “it never gets uncomfortable” and she wasn’t lying! I purchased it for back wearing on walks since my baby has gotten too big to wear in his wrap while taking our long walks with the dog (he’s 10 months/22lbs). Getting him on my back is easy enough and it’s only 2 buckles to fasten but the real winning feature about this carrier is the comfort and support! I could literally carry him all day without it hurting! The nice thick waist strap provides lower back and core support and the padded shoulder straps keep it from digging in. The baby loves it and has usually fallen asleep by the end of our walks! I definitely recommend it!

Yesenia Roberts

Amazing! I have used it every way possible in the past 2days. Making cooking walking and just holding a clingy baby so much easier. He’s 6m 17lb and he loves it too. Smiles and kicks when he faces forward. Definitely recommend.

Kenneth G.

Super cute and made carrying my little one super easy!! I have a carrier with my older son when he was smaller but I feel like the seat on this gave it the extra support I needed to keep the pressure off my back, and my super needy little one didn't fuss at all. He loved it.

Jill Higgs

Bought this as a gift for a friend. My friend expressed how she’d loved this product very much. Overall comfort is excellent with support for her back and weight of the baby as well as to allow her to get simple task done. Highly recommend for moms who have little ones who will not let mom out of their sight.

Donald Khea

Carrying her through the airport was a breeze!!!! She was hanging out super comfy. The hard bottom seat helps support the weight of the baby. 10/10 recommend. GET IT NOW!!! :)