• Baby Head Protection Pillow
  • Baby Head Protection Pillow
  • Baby Head Protection Pillow
  • Baby Head Protection Pillow

Baby Head Protection Pillow

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Protect your baby's head from a fall

Babies and toddlers are always falling while they learn to crawl or walk. Accidents are expected, but it’s nerve-racking to think of the impact on their precious little noggins. Getting hit on the back of the head can cause serious injury, but we have the cutest solution that gives parents around the world peace of mind. It's a must have especially if you have hard floors!

Slips and falls won't be followed by loud thuds only gentle landings. With this carefully structured piece, no cries will be heard from your tot while trying to make their first steps. This unique piece perfectly suits your adventurous little creature who deserves safety and comfort during all their activities. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Bella Senger

I like this a lot because my daughter always try's to stand up and ends up falling back. Its soft, she isnt bothered by it, and its adorable. I showed my family and they thought it was so cute.

Macy Goodwin

Wanter something for my baby so that he could explore without needing to follow right behind him every second. I also wanted something that would help teach him how to fall but without hurting his head so that his body understands what happens. Within a couple of weeks, not only was he more stable and learned how to stand up and get back down with more control, less falls happened, but when he did fall, his head was protected.

Brendan Kovacek

This has saved my baby from hitting his head in the floor so many times. He is so determined to walk and even when we are holding his hand or walking with him, he can get wild and go down (parents out there, you know what I mean!).

Savanah Watsica

I looove this product! I wish I had known about it for my twins, but I'm glad I have it for my princess since, now she has older brothers who run around her all day long. It definitely has protected her from hurting her head when she topples over as she practices to sit up, crawl or stand.

Vivienne Macejkovic

I don't know how many times this backpack cushion had saved my son's life. Because my son was not afraid to fall, he was able to walk at 10 months. This is probably the best baby invention created besides the swaddling wraps. I would recommend parent's to buy this if you have all hardwood floor like me.