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Kids Stroller Fan

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Keep your baby cool all summer long

Tired of seeing your little bundle of joy sweat and fuss in their stroller when the temperature soars? Say goodbye to sweaty tantrums and hello to refreshing relief! Our Kids Stroller Fan is here to be your baby's best friend this summer.
Designed with your baby's safety in mind, our fan features soft and enclosed fan blades, preventing any accidents while curious little fingers explore. You can trust it to keep your child cool without any worries.


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Zusammenstellung: 18K vergoldet über 316L Edelstahl; CZ Steine

Abmessungen: Anhänger: 19x11mm; Kette: 16" + 2" Verlängerung

Wasserdicht, anlaufgeschützt und nickelfrei.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Vivienne Macejkovic

We were on vacation and we bought one of a little fan to go into the stroller for our 3 pound Yorky to stay cool when the top was closed. We kept it running all day from 11 AM until 6 PM and it still was running strong. Bought a second one for in our jeep to move the air around while we have the air conditioning on and that worked amazing as well and ran for a whole day without losing any power. I would buy these over and over again. Very very happy customers.

Noe Graham

I love this fan! I was completely expecting a cheap fan that would work for a month or two and then die but this thing is amazing. I bought it to use with my children’s stroller but I ended up attaching it to my treadmill. I use this fan at least once a day for over 30 mins at a time and it works fantastic. I have not had any issues with the battery or with keeping it charged. I highly recommend purchasing it!

Savanah Watsica

I just recently had a baby and have been very concerned by how hot my car is when I first put her in. I wanted to get something to help speed up the cooling down process especially since we live in the heat! I attached this fan to the seat and angled it towards her car seat and it works perfect! The best part is I can easily take it off and use it in another car, the stroller, attach it directly to the car seat etc.

Destiny Quigley

This is by far the best decision I ever made to buy this fan. It’s advertised as a stroller fan BUT I brought it with me to the hospital. I used it postpartum after recovering immediately after my C-Section. I wrapped it around the hospital bed…. LIFE SAVOR! It felt so good. I highly recommend it. I will be using it on my babies stroller as well!

Taryn Renner

So I bought these after my trip from Mexico because I will never suffer through the heat again. I bought 2 and they are worth the price. The 3 different speed settings are very good, even on the lowest it is strong.